Navigate Tech and Marketing with Dedicated Virtual CIO/CMO Leadership

Considering a CIO/CMO for hire? Leverage knowledge, insight, commitment, and ownership of a virtual Chief Information  or Marketing Officer to gain advantage where your market competitors can’t.

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Your Business One Step Ahead

Why Virtual CIO/CMO?

Larger enterprises can accomodate $250,000+ per year compensation for experienced leadership that will deliver appropriate technology and results to help business achieve its goals. Small and medium sized companies unfortunately do not have the luxury of such expense, nor the benefit of  such enablement. This  management gap is addressed with Virtual CIO/CMO Services (vCIO/vCMO).

360 Technology Leadership with Virtual CIO

Transformation with Virtual CIO/CMO Leadership

Data, system integrations, machine learning, AI, digital and print marketing have become the de facto  competitive standards for businesses from small to large. For this reason the traditional IT-centric “keep the lights on” CIO role is being abandoned in favor of a transformational CIO; one that can leverage new technologies effectively. Same is true for traditional print advertising. For a business to remain relevant in a competitive landscape, it must explore and expand on both fronts: competitive technology enablement  and contemporary marketing and advertising strategies.

Salaried CIO for Hire? Consider a smarter Alternative:

3 Impact Areas without the Cost Burden of Salaried Executive


Virtual CIO Services: Leadership & Execution

Take advantage of experienced guidance, objective analysis, delegated ownership, and execution of IT/data initiatives.


Operationalized Analytics

Embrace business intelligence and analytics with introspective process engineering, operational feedback, and continuous process improvement.


vCMO: Smarter Marketing

Let data guide marketing initiatives that are rooted in reason and backed by accurate attribution and traceability on overall revenue impact.

Principles and Virtual CIO Engagement Ethos

Refined in the trenches, these 7 guiding principles are brought to every initiative, project, challenge and have withstood the test of time with repeated success as their ultimate testament:

A Glance at the Past (1998-Present):
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Spanning 20+ years, a body of work that enabled these valued clients, customers, and employers:

Experience To Help Your Business Thrive

Over 20 years of Combined Technology and Digital Transformation Experience offered as Virtual CIO Services to Small and Medium Business Community

Tools, Applications, and Platforms We Routinely Leverage for Our Clients

Enablement Platforms:

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